When Alexis Leech joined a dating site nearly three years
   after she was  widowed, little did she know how much it
   would change her life. Having received over 1,000 winks
   and messages within 48 hours after she unwittingly posted 
   a profile picture showing her top half in a swimsuit, her story
   hit the press overnight.   The Red Swimsuit Story
   The experience taught Alexis a lot about internet dating
   and, as a result,  Alexis completed her second novel called
   'Fifty Percent Fiction,' the story about Claire Mathews, a 
   woman widowed in her fifties after she and her husband retire
   to France. Although poignant in places, some of Claire's 
   experiences are hilarious, especially after she joins an
   dating site.
   Alexis's latest novel, 'Let's talk Dirty!' is her best yet. Set in
   Glasgow, it is the story about three attractive women in their
   fifties, who resort to becoming telephone sex operatives when
   their very comfortable lifestyles evaporate and they all hit 
   hard times. The struggle the women have hiding their
   new found profession from their friends and family results in
   some hilarious situations. 
   Alexis is not only looking for the right publisher, but a movie
   contract as well, because the story was just made for the big 
   screen. Set in the present day, it is a story many will be able
   to identify with, and is destined to be as popular as 'Bridget 
   Jones Diary,' or 'Saving Grace.'
   The following pages contain three sample chapters and a
   selection of reviews

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